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Jeff Boggess

Passionate Marketing Storyteller who loves bringing products to market.


Hello there! I'm the storyteller behind products that make a mark. With over 8 years in product marketing and a decade of bringing ideas to life, my journey has been anything but ordinary.

Let's rewind to where it all began: Disney. Yes, the land of enchantment! Growing up, their tales captivated me, and right after college, I found myself working at Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa. Here, I crafted the VIP experience from the ground up – my first real plunge into marketing magic.

Then came a curveball – Stanford Hospital. In the world of risk management, often stuck in its ways, I introduced a proactive narrative. It was about transforming a reactive industry into something forward-thinking and dynamic.

Enter Logitech. Scott Wharton saw something in me, and I joined just as he was shaking things up. Imagine a startup vibe within a corporate giant – that was us. We revolutionized video collaboration with our USB plug-and-play vision, simplifying a complex, hardware-laden market.

Zooming ahead, I partnered with Zoom at Logitech, launching 22 products in 2 years. Talk about timing! As the world turned to video during COVID, we were right there, making Zoom a household name.

Next up, RingCentral. Known for phones, they needed a video visionary. That's where I stepped in, blending hardware partnerships and boosting video portfolio revenue by 12%.

But what's a marketer without his philosophy? Great product marketing isn't just about selling; it's about storytelling, empathy, and innovation. It's about understanding needs and sculpting solutions that resonate.

Beyond the boardroom, I'm a culture creator and a team unifier. Whether leading the charge or contributing to a larger goal, like Logitech's billion-dollar journey, I thrive in diverse environments.

Then there's the other me – a dad, a husband, a world traveler. Exploring cultures, understanding perspectives, and cherishing the little things in life.

So, let's collaborate. As a change agent who listens first and speaks with purpose, I believe in earning trust by walking in others' shoes. It's this approach that has shaped my career and life, making each step a story worth sharing.

Ready to write the next chapter? Let's make it a great one!

Let's Work Together



One of the best PMM Teams I had the pleasure of working with. RingCentral PMM 2022, Belmont CA.

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