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Revolutionize Your Workspace: Avocor's New L Series Display and the Future of Collaboration

(Below is a work example of a blog I wrote for new product I launched at Avocor)

We’re at a fascinating juncture in corporate history. The continued emphasis of hybrid work is transforming how we collaborate, connect, and create. To meet the challenges of this new normal, Avocor introduced it's L series - a groundbreaking digital display solution, designed to maximize engagement and foster inclusive collaboration.

The Challenges of Hybrid Work

Let's face it. Hybrid work has its fair share of hiccups. Finding a way to ensure remote team members feel as much a part of the collaboration process as on-site team members is not an easy task. The quest for a perfect balance - an environment where everyone feels engaged, heard, and seen - needs innovation. According to recent research from leading space designers Steelcase, 73% of Gen Z believes space is highly or extremely important to the effectiveness of the company they work for. Now this is important because Gen Z will represent ⅓ of the workforce by 2025 according to that same research. This next generation of upcoming workforce challenges us to think how we design spaces and reminds us that this is an extremely important part of creating options for inclusivity within our workplaces. Here at Avocor we are up for that challenge to design and think of ways to provide options when it comes to providing options that bring people into collaboration environments. 

The Perfect Union of Technology and Design

In this new distributed workforce, innovation from video platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom has been at an impressive acceleration in support of how we work . They too have stepped up to the challenge to add features that think about how meeting participants can FULLY ENAGE with their teams whether they are in person or joining remotely. Our new L Series is the perfect display for these new innovations from Microsoft and Zoom supporting 21:9, with options for touch and non-touch. The L series display is created to keep pace with the rapid-fire progress of these collaborative platforms with the capacity to leverage the larger display real estate for features like Front Row. We're eliminating the traditional boundaries between on-site and remote teams. Now in room participants have 105 inches of display to see not only the screen that is being shared, but all the remote participants, chat, meeting reactions, and the features that normally would only be displayed on a meeting room control. 

Experience a New Level of Collaboration

The L series fosters an inclusive, collaborative culture, providing an easy and intuitive experience for your employees. With abilities like wireless content casting and sharing, multi-user white-boarding, and interactive touch capabilities on the L Series touch version, users can take control of meetings all from their fingertips. A display that invites multiple users to engage at the front of the room is what was previously lacking in traditional displays. With 40 points of touch, this is what true collaboration looks like in the digital age.

Superior Design and Unmatched Performance

But the L series is more than just function; it's about aesthetics too. Built with modern design principles, it offers clean rounded edges and 105 inches of screen space. Our 5K solutions boast a 21:9 aspect ratio, 3 options for a 5K input, and 33% more canvas on a 21x9 ultra-wide bonded glass display. The result? A display solution that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to use.

BUT WAIT THERES MORE: Deploy and Scale with Ease: Meet FUSE

Avocor recognizes that deploying new technology can seem daunting. That's why we introduced FUSE - an easy-to-use cloud management software. From deploying to configuring to pushing firmware/software updates, FUSE lets you manage your digital services at scale, no matter where you are. The best part is you can add your favorite video hardware to these 21:9 setups as well. Logitech's Rally Bar and Tap are the perfect companions for your L series, shown below. 

The L series is not just about meeting the challenges of hybrid work - it's about defining new standards. Our goal is to ensure every meeting participant can engage in FULL collaboration, fostering human connections that feel as real as in-person interactions. Whether it's enhancing room experiences or implementing Front Row in meeting spaces, Avocor is charging forward in defining the future of collaborative workspaces. "Built for maximized engagement and inclusive collaboration," is not just our tagline - it's our promise to you. With the launch of the L series,  innovation comes to life, bridging distances and bringing teams together.

So, if you're a forward-thinking decision-maker, eager to bring a wave of transformation in your corporate culture, technology, and collaboration, send me a DM, I would love to set up a demo, or invite you to one of our experience centers across the globe! 

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