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A Storyteller giving life to products

Jeff Boggess

Hey. My name is Jeff

In the world of B2B product marketing, I'm the guy who's had the amazing opportunity to help grow humble beginning companies into tech giants. Living in the Bay Area, California, has given me a front-row seat to the tech revolution, and I've loved every minute of it.


But hey, work isn't everything. When I'm not strategizing and creating killer marketing campaigns, I'm just a regular guy who loves being a dad, exploring new places, and playing around in the kitchen. I've got a knack for finding the best eats in town too. So, while I'm all about driving growth and nailing those marketing goals, I'm also about living life to the fullest, sharing stories, and enjoying the ride with people who are as passionate about their careers as they are about their hobbies.


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I excel in fast-paced environments, believing that compelling messaging is the key to delivering success.

My framework to core pmm work

Peers Speak Out: The Inside Scoop on Collaborating with Me 🌟

"Your talent constantly impresses and inspires me."

Lisa Eichberger - Chief Brand & Marketing Officer, RingCentral

"You are a remarkable talent and any software company would be the better to have you on their PMM team. High energy, creative, collaborative, and an amazing communicator. In our interactions I always felt I learned something new from you."

Dwight Moore - Head of Product Marketing, Customer Service Management, ServiceNow

"Keep up the great work Jeffrey Boggess, wherever you go you will continue to thrive and inspire with you creativity and dedication to your craft!"

Amir Hameed - SVP Worldwide Solution Sales & Engineering, RingCentral

"You are truly one of the best PMMs I have worked with. Any company would be incredibly fortunate to have you! Please make sure to list me as a reference, happy to speak to the awesomeness of our professional experience together."

Elizabeth Masanoff - Sr. Director Strategic Alliances, Calix

"It’s evident you’re a supremely talented marketer. But more than anything, you’ve impacted peoples lives for the better and they seem genuinely happy to have known you. Jeff the human being seems awesome and I’ll continue rooting from afar."

Kris Kocherhans - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, RingCentral

"Thank you for being a light to the product marketing org... you were a culture champion, you got "Scrappy like MacGyver", and always "Woke up and chose GOOD VIBES" - it's just who you are as a human. Any product marketing org would be so lucky to have you my friend."

Esther Yoon - VP of Product and Industry Marketing, RingCentral


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